Tafsir ‘Ilmi dalam Perspektif Ulama Klasik dan Kontemporer


  • Aisyah Afifah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ushuluddin Wadi Mubarak Bogor
  • Lilik Nurhidayah


hukum; klasik; kontemporer; tafsir


Scientific interpretation is one of the features of Al-Qur'an interpretation that has emerged since the 4th century H. Its existence which combines scientific matters (science) with the interpretation of the Qur'an invites several arguments from Islamic scholars in their time to the present day. The discussion about scientific interpretation has become a polemic among Muslims, especially among students of knowledge. This article was written with the aim of briefly explaining the different views of the scholars regarding the law of scientific interpretation. Starting from a brief history of its emergence, the basic concepts of scientific interpretation, and descriptions of several arguments from each group of scholars concerned. Comparison of opinions between scholars makes it easier for students of knowledge and all Muslims in general to analyze scientific interpretations. Regarding the law of its application, the scholars are divided into three groups; some confirmed, some rejected, and some others took the middle way which was later proposed by several scholars afterwards. This harmony finally brings peace and stability to all Muslims in viewing the position of scientific interpretation.




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