Kajian Tematik Tadabbur QS. Al-Ashr


  • Akmal Diansyah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ushuluddin Wadi Mubarak Bogor
  • Subarkah Yudi Waskito


Al-Qur’an; tadabbur; teori.


This article aims to recognize tadabbur as a methodology in studying the Qur'an to reveal the wisdom and guidance contained therein. In order to be able to answer contemporary challenges and problems of life. This discussion is classified as a discussion of literature (Library Research) with qualitative descriptive analysis techniques by collecting data or materials related to the theme of the discussion studied from library sources. The results of this discussion show that tadabbur with its various approaches can reveal the wisdom and guidance of the Qur'an, which is easier for anyone who has a strong motivation to interact with it. It is different from the interpretation which has strict requirements to become a mufassir, tadabbur has no requirements except for preparing oneself physically and mentally to dive into the sea of the Qur'an.




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